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u + me = love

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You know how it goes, grabbing your calculator for the simplest of calculations. Our arithmetic skills are getting worse and worse and the next generation is only going to go more downhill from here if we don't do something. But making exercises from an arithmetic book every day to keep practicing doesn't sound very appealing...

That's where u + me = love comes in! It's the perfect game for junior high school students to playfully practice their arithmetic skills.

Artist statement

My name is Tatum and I’m a research focused applied game designer with a great passion to create, and use my abilities to help people through the power of play.

I want to use people’s nature of play to try and solve many “boring” real life problems in a fun way.


In five years I hope to have a stable job at an applied game company that is passionate about wanting to change the world for the better through play.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned these past four years is the power of teamwork. Working together made the hard crunch times much more bearable and even fun at times. I've learned so much from my peers and have been inspired a myriad of times. I hope I could have meant the same for others too.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- iQR (platform game for young cancer patients): Beste Profielwerkstuk VWO, Haarlemmermeer Lyceum, 2019
- iQR - Dedicated page in VOKK magazine "Attent", Jaargang 35 - voorjaar / zomer 2021

- u + me = love - INDIGO Discover Showcase 2023
- u + me = love - ECGBL (European Conference on Games Based Learning) 2023