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Gahkuen Link

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Gahkuen Link is a 3D Anime styled Hack and Slash game where you fight off robots in a virtual training simulation. Link together with your partner and fight off as many robots as you can to get a highscore!

Artist statement

When I make games I always think of the small details I can put in. I believe that even the smallest things in games can make a huge difference in the experience.


I want to become a combat/level designer at a small indie company. I hope one day to create worlds where people enjoy walking through them as they discover something in every corner or create unique action games where people can explore their possibilities with combat.

Learned during the studies

That every element of a game is important. From visuals to gameplay to user experience. Each element helps elevate the other. It is very important to me to find the balance between all of them when making games.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Here you can find some of the games I made.